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High Protein Cold Summer Recipes





Protein "Ice Cream"

3-4 frozen cauliflower florets 

1/2 cup frozen zucchini, chopped


1. Chop and freeze zucchini chunks and cauliflower florets.

2. Blend frozen chunks with 1 scoop flavored plant protein powder and about 1/2 cup plant milk to thin (use less liquid more liquid if you want a shake, less liquid if you want an ice cream like consistency)

As long as your protein powder is flavored, I promise you WONT taste any cauliflower or zucchini.

I've made this several times and it so hits the spot on these hot days!

I currently use True Nutrition plant protein powders as you can customize your protein and flavor strength and they are priced very economical



Cold Summer Protein Pasta
1/2 package Chickpea noodles (feel free to add whole wheat noodles as well)
Raw veg (broccoli, red & green bell pepper, cucumber, black olives)
Top with an Italian vinaigrette (or your favorite vinaigrette)


Macros:  Protein 33g,  Carbs 90g,  Fat 21g




High Protein Cold Summer Pea Salad
Two variations here:
1. Chickpea noodles, green peas, daiya cheese chunks (optional) and non-dairy yogurt for a creamy dressing

Macros (without cheese):  Protein 23g, Carbs 72g, Fat 9g

2. Not as healthy, but delicious additions: daiya cheese chunks and vegan mayo





Lettuce Wraps

1/2 cup Pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds)

2 Tablespoons Raw Cashews

1 Tablespoon Raw Apple Cider vinegar (such as Bragg brand)

1 Tablespoon Mustard

salt/pepper to taste

Directions:  Blend all ingredients; add water as needed.

Fold in

2 celery stalks, chopped

1/2 cucumber, chopped

1/4 cup red grapes, sliced in half

Serve in a lettuce wrap


Macros:  Protein 16g,  Carbs 40g,  Fat 28g






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