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30 Day Vegan Fitness Challenge

The Vegan Fitness Challenge is an At-Home Workout Program.

Workouts are focused to flatten & tone your stomach, lift your booty, tighten your arms and legs -
all without sacrificing delicious food and spending hours on the treadmill.
Learn how to build lean muscle and burn fat on a well-balanced, nutritional, vegan diet. 
As an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition certified health coach, my programs are designed to complement your fitness goals and achieve your ideal body shape while motivating you to take it to the next level. Learn the benefits of living a lean, vegan lifestyle!
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Program Includes:


Three Guides:  Meal Plan Guide, Fitness & Weight Loss Guide,  and a PDF copy of the 30 Day Challenge - over 200 pages teaching you how to easily develop a tight, toned, lean, bikini body. Download all of the information you NEED to get RESULTS instantly!
EXACT exercise plan for quick results with easy exercise variations for beginners available. 

  -Step-by-step tutorial

  -PDF copy of workout program

  -Print 'n Go worksheets

  -Easy variations for beginners

  -Private Facebook Group for Support and Accountability


* Vegan Meal Plan eGuide:

  -Grocery List

  -8 Soy-Free Meal Plans (34 recipes including Pizza, Skillet Lasagna, Mac 'N Cheese and Chocolate Chip Cookies!)

  -Easy Swaps to Transition to a Vegan Diet

  -Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

  -Is Soy good for you?

  -How to Boost Your Metabolism, and MORE!

Private Facebook Support Group
Detailed Grocery Lists and advice on which foods to eat and why.
Vegan Meal plan, Recipes and Menu's for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks to help you stay slim and healthy long term.
Supplement Recommendations (for those on a plant-based/vegan diet)
Tips and Tricks for Cooking & Meal Prep, Healthy Food Swaps, Tips for Dining Out and Foods to Speed up your Metabolism

Workouts are fun, motivating and are designed to reshape and tighten your body, in a style of training that pushes and motivates you. Exercise never has to feel like a chore ever again.
Simple exercise tips to achieve your ideal body.  



Member's Only Website

* Over 60+ Nutrition articles on topics you need answers to, like: 

   * How to Get Rid of Cellulite

   * How Hormones Affect Female Training

   * How to Handle PMS Cravings 

   * Skinny Travel Snacks (that don't need refrigerating)

   * Do CARBS make you Fat?

   * Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

   * Are Thyroid Issues Causing Your Weight Gain?

   * High Protein Meals & Recipes

   * How to Tighten Loose Skin

   * How many Calories to eat when trying to Lose Weight  

* Over 80+ Vegan Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Holiday Treats, Vacation Snacks, and more!



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What do workouts look like?  Follow along with a Full Workout FREE!

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Invite a Friend 

Those who have a solid support system tend to be far more successful with a weight loss program, so tag a friend to take the challenge with you and have fun along the way! 





I want anyone interested in trying my program to hear real feedback (the good and the bad) from members.   Checkout what members had to say about their experience with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.


Jenna - Before/After - 30 Day Fitness Challenge - Consider Me Fit
"My main goal with the challenge was to gain muscle and tone, as I had lost the weight I wanted to from my last pregnancy prior to the challenge.  I can see the difference, but more importantly I can feel the difference. I feel stronger.  As a busy mom to a 3 year old and 15 month old this challenge was exactly what I needed.
The workouts were short enough that I could do them during naptime, or even when my kids were awake (They can both do a mean squat), and in the comfort of my own home.  Prior to the challenge, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home from work was go workout for an hour or more and get home at bedtime and have no time with my I didn't workout.  Now, I feel like I can have it all, and I love it. Strong is empowering, and I'm feeling that more everyday.  Even my husband has commented on my new found confidence. I'm excited to continue on this path to a stronger me!"


Jena K., WI

Look how flat and toned her stomach is!  The human body never ceases to amaze me.


Jena was in the same boat as just about every parent out there who has no time or energy to put towards exercise, which is why the 30 Day Fitness Challenge workouts are short and to the point - Weight Training combined with Very Short Cardio Bursts, afterall, we want to maximize your energy, not burn you out.


Consider Me Fit 30 Day Fitness Challenge Before/After 

"Well, I was fully expecting to be a little disappointed with these results as the last few days have been rough in my world.  Today I decided to suck it up and do the final fitness test and take weight, photos and measurements.  I must say that I am pretty impressed with myself.  I really think it is a good result for the work I put in and the fact that I'm just getting started.  My goals were to start and stick to a workout program and build better eating habits.  I think that was accomplished and I am on the right track.  I am really looking forward to starting the next challenge!  SO EXCITED!!!!  I am going to the grocery store later today and I'm ready to recharge and start this new month off to be better than the last one. I love your site and have been following for about a year.  I got the Silver membership and I know already it was a good choice.  I enjoy reading all that you post and the knowledge you share.  I am so glad that you are so available for advice/questions.  That helps a ton!  Thanks for all your support. "

Megan A., Washington  


Megan made significant changes in her physique. Her pictures reinforce the importance of progress pictures as the scale does not reflect muscle gain vs. fat loss.





"I cannot recommend this program enough! It's super affordable, too - WAYYY cheaper than a gym and you don't even have to leave your home)!

You work out off of videos, at your leisure. The workouts are at most like 15-20 minutes each. Some are very hard, and some are, "Heyyyy, not so bad!" I have a heavier and light set of weights and if you have one of those balls people sit on in office jobs, even better (I don't, and improvised - pillows for some exercises, and the side of my bed for the others). I don't have a step stool either, so I used a sidewalk curb in my driveway because I'm a GD innovator.

New challenges happen every month or so, and Holly does a great job of checking in on you and keeping you motivated. Plus, she does the workouts WITH you on the video, which always made me feel like I had a workout buddy.

My "before" and "after" shots were pretty significant (I was seriously flat out surprised by the difference), and I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I'm looking forward to the next challenges!"

Nikki P., Los Angeles, CA



Nikki is an Actor/Comedian/Writer and basically all out talented woman.  Nikki took the 30 Day Fitness Challenge and followed the nutrition guidelines outlined in the Essential Nutrition Guide.  She got slightly derailed during week 3 (work got in the way) but HEY, that's real life!  

Like many clients, she did not expect such drastic results.  This is where progress pictures are SO important!  We don't always notice physical changes, especially when our point of view is looking down at our feet.


Her belly fat has noticeably reduced and you can actually see her butt "lifted"! 

Nicole - Before After - Consider Me Fit

"On January 20th I started the 30 day fitness challenge along with giving up sweets and making sure I was eating healthy meals throughout the day (ideas from your nutrition plan). When I started the challeng, I ate a lot of sweets, I skipped many meals, and I couldn't believe how weak I was. I was not able to follow your diet guidelines 100%, but I did make sure that I ate small meals throughout the day that were packed with protein and other good stuff (nuts, tuna, plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries, veggies, eggs, egg whites with 1 whole egg, kale, oatmeal with pears and walnuts, your banana muffin recipe, etc). The hardest part was giving up sweets! I can't say that I gave up sugar because I ate lots of fruit and found sugar in many things that I didn't even know contained sugar. But, giving up the sweets and watching my sugar intake helped so much. By the second week I stopped crashing every day around 3:00 like I used to. I felt stronger, I especially noticed when I ran up the stairs for something. I plan to re-do the 30 days of videos and continue healthy eating."

Nicole B. from WI

Thigh: 23.25/22.25
Chest: 39.5/38
Waist: 34/32.5
Hips: 40.5/40.5
Arm: 12.25/11.75
Weight: 166/160

Nicole is a mother of 2 and a Realtor.  Noticeable reduction in belly fat in the first picture and the last picture shows her waist has come in and her butt is much smaller (and cuter!)

The most significant change she has made is in her strength and energy levels.  Building muscle through the Fitness Challenge workouts and reducing processed sugar from her diet made a HUGE difference.  After all, she's got 2 kids to chase after and a job.  The last thing she needs is a workout program that leaves her exhausted and hungry.


Hilary - 30 Day Fitness Challenge Before/After - Consider Me Fit
"So the 30 day fitness challenge was really great for me. I get anxiety from gyms and prefer working out at home. I really liked the challenge because it was minimum time commitment but with challenging workouts. While they were very hard for me at first, by the end of the month, I was actually looking forward to working out each day. And although visually my results weren't dramatic, I feel stronger, leaner, and more toned. I'm really excited for the squat challenge."

Hilary R., Los Angeles, CA

Hilary is a Model in Los Angeles and, let's be real for a minute here, Hilary looked amazing in her before pictures, but some toning work put her rear in gear.  You can literally see her butt lifted in the first picture!  You can also see her back becoming more shapely in the last picture.  Nice work Hilary!




Beth P., WI Jan. 2014 and 8 months later Aug./Oct. 2014

"I've always been considered skinny because I'm so petite, but I was actually skinny fat; it's real! When I started with workout plans on I really didn't think I was going to gain much. I was so wrong! I tightened, toned, built muscle, and all around feel better! Between the workouts and nutrition guidelines I have never felt better in my own skin! For those wasting money on gym memberships- like I was; try this out for 1 month and I promise you will not be disappointed."

Look how far Beth has come since January! Holy Abs, she looks amazing but even more important to hear she FEELS amazing!  Strong is EMPOWERING, skinny is disheartening!  And Beth wasn't forced to give up wine or Christmas cookies either  The key is to develop a healthy lifestyle, NOT endless yo-yo dieting! 

Beth followed the diet guidelines in the Essential Weight Loss and Nutrition eBook, completed the 30 Day Fitness Challenge and kept going with the Daily Fit Workouts.  



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